Wraparound childcare

Wraparound childcare is expanding

From September 2024, you can expect to see an increase in the number of wraparound childcare places available across the country.

What is wraparound childcare?

Wraparound childcare is before and after school childcare, such as breakfast clubs and after school provision for primary school aged children in England.

The provision typically runs from 8am until 6pm, during term time, either on a school site or another local setting such as a community centre, a nursery, or a childminder.

This is different from out-of-school activities, or school clubs, which are less frequent and can be a one-off activity.

Who will be eligible for wraparound childcare?

All parents in England with primary school aged children should be able to access wraparound childcare by September 2026.

How do I access wraparound childcare?

Speak to your child’s school or local authority's Family Information Service to find out what wraparound childcare is currently available in your area.

If wraparound childcare is not currently available, you can request that your child’s school consider setting up wraparound childcare for your child if they don’t already provide it. To request wraparound childcare from your child’s school, write to them by letter or email.

How do I pay for wraparound childcare?

Providers will set their own fees for wraparound places, so prices will vary. Once you have chosen a provider, you would pay them directly for your child’s place.

If you are eligible, you will be able to use Tax-Free Childcare or Universal Credit Childcare to help pay for your place. Check what support is available to you by using the childcare eligibility checker.

To find out more:

Speak to your child’s school or local authority's Family Information Service.