How to apply for help with childcare for working parents

For working families in England, with children aged 2 - 4.

Check you’re eligible

Find out more about eligibility at 

You must live in England to apply for this childcare support. The amount of childcare support you can get depends on several factors.

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When can I apply?

You need to apply the term before you want to take up a place.

For example, if you want to take up a place for your child from September, you need to apply during the summer term (1 April-31 August).

How do I apply?

If eligible, you'll get an online childcare account and a childcare code.

Watch video on how to apply

Apply here

Give the code to your childcare provider(s)

Give the code in your childcare account to your provider(s) along with your National Insurance number and your child's date of birth.

Your childcare provider will check your code is valid - you can't take up your place without it.


You must confirm your details are up to date every 3 months or your code will expire.

Sign into your childcare account to confirm your details.

You will receive a reminder to do this.